Prescription Eyeglass Lenses, Designer Glasses Frames & Sunglasses

Delray Optical is the number one expert in vision care. Our patients in the Greater Delray Beach, Florida area our top priority. In addition to our comprehensive eye exams and overall health of your optics, we are happy to provide quality frames and lenses in a variety of styles and special features, that enhance your vision and comfort. We include a wide variety of products that reflects your personal choice, from eyeglasses, and eye lenses, to frame styles, sunglasses, and anti-reflexes. We have everything you need!


Eyeglasses from Delray Optical are designed for long-term wearing comfort. Having a plethora of features, styles, and functions, each new pair of eyeglasses can be just as unique as the wearer. With the right combination of design, material, and treatment, Delray Optical can meet your specific vision needs.

Prescription Lenses

Eyeglass lenses selection is plentiful with Delray Optical and our recommendations depend largely on eyeglass function. From single vision lenses to progressive polycarbonate lenses, our specialists can ensure you get the lenses that suit your needs.

Glasses Frames

Frame style includes the frame’s shape and size. With the right combination, your eyes can be enhanced, your skin tone complimented, and the best features of your face given a boost. Glasses frames can be designed to work with your active lifestyle as well.

Designer Sunglasses Brands

Sunglasses are ideal for people who are in the sun a lot, to help block harmful ultraviolet rays, even on a cloudy day. Anti-reflective lenses are available as well. These are useful as they counter the glare and reflections caused by the light bouncing off typical lenses.

Prescription Eyeglass Lenses, Designer Glasses Frames & Sunglasses & More in Delray Beach FL (Just Minutes Away from Boca Raton, Highland Beach, Kings Point, Golf & Boynton Beach, Florida)

No matter what lenses and frames you need in the Greater Delray Beach, FL area, call Delray Optical today for helpful, efficient and friendly service.

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