Treatment of Common Types of Vision Problems

Delray Optical are the leading experts in vision problems for our patients in Greater Delray Beach, FL. With our comprehensive eye exams and our vast experience, we can help you find the right treatment for your vision problems. Using cutting edge techniques and modern technological advances, we can find the source of your vision problems and find solutions to correct them in our full service, in house laboratory.

Solutions to Eyesight Problems

Your eyesight can be affected by many different problems. Some issues are more common, but when your vision is impaired, you want a quick resolution.
Astigmatism – resulting in blurred or distorted vision. Astigmatism is an uneven or irregular curvature of the cornea or lens. Other symptoms include eye strain from squinting, headaches, squint, and eye fatigue. Moderate to severe astigmatism can be treated with corrective eyewear or LASIK eye surgery.
Hyperopia – Also known as farsightedness, indicates the vision is good at a distance, but at close range, the vision is poor. If you are moderately or severely hyperopic, you may have several different treatment options available. These include contacts and eyeglasses. Your Delray Optical eye care provider will help you determine the best treatment option for you.
Myopia – Also known as nearsightedness, is in reference to seeing well up close, but long-distance range is poor. Nearsightedness is usually diagnosed during a routine eye exam. Applicable treatments include contacts and eyeglasses. Your Delray Optical eye care provider will recommend the best treatment option.
Presbyopia – Also known as aging eyes, makes it difficult to focus on close objects; this occurs when the eye’s lens gradually loses flexibility. While presbyopia is not preventable, it is treatable with several types of corrective lenses, including bifocals and trifocals, progressives, single-vision reading glasses, multifocal contact lenses and monovision therapy.

Treatment of Common Types of Vision Problems & More in Delray Beach FL (Just Minutes Away from Boca Raton, Highland Beach, Kings Point, Golf & Boynton Beach, Florida)

If you are experiencing vision problems, call Delray Optical of Delray Beach, FL to schedule your appointment. Our optometrists will evaluate your eyes, give you a full eye exam, determine the extent of your visual problems and help you with the best treatments for your needs. Contact us today!

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