How to Pick the Right Glasses Frame for Your Oval, Oblong or Other Face Shape in Delray Beach, FL

Have you ever fallen in love with glasses only to try them on and find them ugly? This may be because they aren’t the right glasses for your face shape. Different frames look drastically different when placed on one person as opposed to another. Delray Optical is here to help you choose the right frames with your face shape the next time you are ready to purchase new eyeglasses.

How to Determine Your Face Shape for Glasses

The best way to determine the shape of your face will require a mirror. Pull your hair away from your face and look directly into the mirror. You can see the contours of your face and head when you do this. There are seven different shapes that people tend to see when they look in the mirror.
Oval Face: This is the most coveted face shape. The balance when you have an oval face is hard to beat. When you are choosing frames for this shape, choose ones that are wide and will keep that balance in check. Walnut-shaped frames are always a safe choice.
Heart Face: If your face is wide towards the top of your face and narrows toward the bottom, you have a heart shaped face. Many people want to avoid frames that make their face appear wider and will choose frames that are wide at the bottom rather than the top. Rimless frame are also a good choice.
Oblong Face: If your face is longer than it is wide, it is considered oblong. Your frames can make your face appear shorter and balanced when they have decorative or contrasting temples to make the frame look wider.
Square Face: Those with a strong jaw and a broad forehead have a square shape. Narrow frames are often chosen to help soften the features of your face. Look for frames with more width than depth and narrow ovals.
Diamond Face: Faces that are narrow at the forehead with broad cheekbones have a diamond face shape which happens to be the rarest of them all. Because of the strong cheekbones, choose frames that will draw attention to the eyes and help soften the cheekbones. Cat eye frames are always a good choice.
Round Face: Anyone that has a round face, is usually trying to find ways to make their face look longer. You can do this by choosing frames that are angular and narrow. You can choose frames with a clear bridge and rectangular frames are a safe choice.
Base-Down Triangle Face: When you have a narrow forehead that widens at the cheek and chin areas, you have what is known as a base-down triangle face. To emphasize the upper portion of your face, choose heavily accented frames.

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