Routine Eye Examination Procedure Near Boca Raton, FL; Visual Acuity Test, Field Testing & More

You want to make sure that you do what you can to take care of your eyes. They are important for people that want to be able to continue to function without restriction. Sadly there are people that do not take care of them and skip their regular exams. Your eyes are an ever moving and growing part of your body and that is why you want to make sure that you continue to have them checked by a professional. There are some people that think after they have a good eye exam that they should be ok after that. The problem is that as you age even from adolescence the eye keeps changing and that is why you want to have them checked. The sooner you find out there is a problem and take corrective actions, the better it will be in the long run.

Delray Optical Outlines what to Expect During an Eye Exam

Visual Acuity Test: The first and one of the most important tests you will be given is called a visual acuity test. The eye test is given when the doctor asks you to read off of a line chart. This is when you read a series of letters from the alphabet and depending on which line you can read clearly will determine what your eye sight is. This is what tells you that you are seeing 20/20 or not. A visual acuity test that shows you are seeing at 20/20 means that you are seeing clearly at a 20 foot distance. This test is the start of the doctor’s exam so that they can determine if you will need any intervention.
Visual Field Testing: Just being able to see straight ahead of you is not the only thing that the eye exam will determine. You need to be able to see out of your peripheral as well. The peripheral vision is what you use to see around you from top, bottom, left and right. The test is done when you focus on an object that is straight in front of you while there are small flashes of light that you will tell the doctor when you see them. Depending on how many you miss it can affect the outcome of your vision test. You want to be able to see clearly using all your vision and your peripheral is a major part of it.
Eye Muscle & Pupil Test: The doctor during the exam will then use a small light and have you do a few function tests. One is to see how well and smooth the muscles of the eye function. This is done when you hold your head still and you follow an object. The other is to see how well our pupil reacts to light. They will shine a light over the eye to see if the pupil makes the proper adjustment.
Overall Eye Health: Most of the time the doctor will also use a microscope to look at the eyes entire health. They can use this to see inside the eye and on the areas that are inside the head. This will help the doctor to see if there are any problems that are growing on the eye or if the eye has any damage that needs to be addressed.

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